AEBAM: Spanish Association of Marine Debris

The Spanish Marine Litter Association (AEBAM) is a state-wide, non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the issue of marine litter. It was born in 2014 with the idea of constituting an efficient associative framework that contributes to prevent and reduce the amount and impact of waste reaching the marine environment and that supports, enhances and benefits the actions of the associated organizations, as well as promoting, reviewing, pooling and sharing strategies to optimize the results of the joint or individual work of each member.
AEBAM consists of four commissions: Communication and Awareness, Political Advocacy, Environmental Education and Research and Demonstration Projects, maintains close contact with similar national associations in other countries such as Portugal, Brazil and Germany, and is open to the incorporation as members of individuals or legal entities that share common objectives and positions on the problem represented by marine litter.

Communication and awareness

Political Advocacy

Environmental Education

Research and Demonstration

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